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Events of National Day to Combat Domestic Violence

Events of National Day to Combat Domestic Violence We will be going to different parts of Yerevan holding posters of women who died as a result of domestic violence, and explaining what domestic violence is to passing citizens urging them to join us and demand that the government adopt a Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence.

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Job vacancy for the position of Coordinator

Job description: This is a position for a highly dynamic and enthusiastic young individual interested in women’s rights and gender equality, who is open to learn and to take initiatives, support Coalition operations and activities and be responsible for managing, developing and reporting projects.

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The Coalition is urging the community to call the following numbers in case of domestic violence or other kinds of abuse against women to get help before it becomes too late to save lives:

Hot Lines

For Domestic Violence:

0 800 80 850

099 88 78 08

010 54 28 28

For Sexual Assault and Harassment:

0 800 01 280

For Trafficking:

0 800 50 558

0 800 80 801


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